Can I bring my infant?

NO. We do not rent to anyone wanting to float with any child under the age of 5.

Can I drink alcohol on the river?

Yes! Alcohol can be consumed on the Comal River. In fact, we sell it at Corner Tubes! Please be responsible, as always, and bring your choice of beverage in a reusable container!

Don't have time to get a reusable container? We have plenty for sale at a reasonable price.

There is a 30 quart maximum size on coolers.

Is there a person I can talk to about all this?

Sure! Call Corner Tubes at 830-626-6687. We have up to the minute information about river flows, rules, parking, and more.

What should I wear while I'm floating?

We recommend suitable footwear, sunscreen, your life jacket, and a smile!

What about hydration?

You're going to be out for a while and a lot of that time you'll be in the sun. Liquids are your friend.

Can I litter?


Can I get out of river onto private property?


I can't swim. Should I jump into a natural, flowing river?


Can I bring glass or foam stuff to New Braunfels' parks and rivers?


Can I jump off area bridges, trees, or other natural or manmade things into the river or onto the ground?


How can I find out about how to enjoy the rivers safely?

Corner Tubes has well informed staff that will provide answers to any questions you have regarding the best safety practices for your group.

I'm not so sure I'm gonna be able to do this...

Please consider any age or physical limitations you or others in your party may have before entering the Comal.

What about lifejackets?

Lifejackets are always available and recommended for children and anyone not comfortable with his/her swimming abilities.

I want to bring my kids. What about that?

Kids are more than welcome, but we advise that you float with children on weekdays, Saturday mornings, and Sundays. Saturday afternoons the river can tend to be quite crowded and rowdy. NO CHILDREN UNDER 5 YEARS OF AGE.

Are the rivers always the same?

No. The Comal River and Guadalupe River are all natural. That is, river flow, length of float trips, age cutoffs, and more can change daily due to weather and other circumstances. Give us a call for the latest information.

Can I bring a keg on the river?

Yes. A keg is not considered a volume drinking device or a disposable container, therefore it would be permitted on the water. This is assuming it is used to fill other containers such as non-disposable cups, but not consumed directly from the keg. Also, it must be the type that is returnable for a deposit and refillable.